You can, despite all of the craziness, recover from your addictions, learn to calmly interact with your reality, make good choices, become content, and develop better coping skills.


My name is Holly Pechter-Walters. In the three-dimensional world, I am a therapist, with an office in the rural outskirts of Quakertown, PA.

My specialty areas include recovery from various addictions, and codependency / ACOA issues, as well as office politics, trauma, abuse, conflict management, grief & loss, depression, anxiety, worry, marital and family issues.

Addiction is no longer limited to mood altering substances such as alcohol, street drugs, and prescription drug abuse. It also includes a variety of process addictions, such as sex and love addiction, internet sex, gambling, spending, food, and other compulsive behaviors. These activities impact the people who are close to the so-called "identified problem," as well as the person themselves.